Here I state some initial information:
- I opened a Limited Company in Hong Kong
- I am a non-resident
- I am 100% owner of the Ltd
- I am the only director

This is what I want to do, supposing:
1) I buy HKD 68000
2) I sell HKD 200000
3) Profit of HKD 132.000 --> subject to HK tax

- I pay myself HKD 132.000 of salary/director's fee, so the company would have all its profits paid to salary, thus paying 0 tax.
- In case the profit exceeds the 132.000 allowance, the company would add more directors so each one of them would have a 132.000 allowance.

Here are the questions I would like to ask:
- Is this method doable?
- Of course paying 0 tax is stupid, but the company just opened so for the first year or first two years I think this could be doable. What do you think?