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Tax Return and Tax Deductible Voluntary Contribution

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    Tax Return and Tax Deductible Voluntary Contribution

    I've made a Tax Deductible Voluntary Contribution to my already existing MPF account last year.
    Now comes tax season and I want to reap the benefits of this.

    However, I'm having difficulties figuring out where on the e-tax form I fill in the information about this voluntary contribution.

    Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks!

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    Next to mandatory contribution for MPF there is one more box for Voluntary contribution..

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    I just did this the other day, as I remember it, the form on the first page you need to tick a box that you also want to fill in a TVC amount, another box for VHIS. Then you will get a separate page after a few Continue clicks where you can fill in your TVC amount.

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    Got it! Thanks!

    After going back to re-do the entire tax form (other than just the salaries part) I realised I had indeed missed to tick that box that would allow me to fill in a TVC amount.

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