Tax - Hotel and Housing Benefits

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    Tax - Hotel and Housing Benefits


    I've been staying in a hotel for a while.

    My company is saying that I can't claim hotel, as they don't have a licensee agreement with me a licensee and the hotel as a licensor. Its meant to be like a tenancy agreement.

    I have receipts.

    According to the IRD website, it looks like
    Most likely example 3 (for the first three months).

    As per my calculations, I just need to mark up my gross salary by 4% for the period that I used a hotel.

    1. Has anybody been able to claim hotel as a place of residence?
    2. What receipts did you have to supply? Just normal hotel invoices?

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    I have been living in a hotel as well. The previous one provided me with an agreement which was fine. I replicated this for the current hotel and got them to put it on a letterhead and stamp it. I only submitted it to HR today, but it should be ok.
    I could use my credit card statement.

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    I think it really depends on the HR, how comfortable they are with seeing a hotel bill as a proof of residency..

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    It all depends on your Employer's (or HR) willingness to be supportive...and to be in the know. Your company can claim your Hotel bill as an expense. Of course, depends on the terms of employment you agreed upon, and how your income is reported in the salaries form ITR.

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    Have a chat with the hotel GM and they should be able to help.

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    Did you guys manage to get tax deduction when living in a hotel? what documents did you need to provide?