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Tax liability if I am remote working in HK

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    FWIW I worked for years as a sole trader freelancer and never quite got around to bothering with MPF - submitted tax returns every year with $0 MPF paid and nobody ever seemed to care... YMMV

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    Quote Originally Posted by chhabsta:
    I am a HK resident and am directly employed by a foreign company (signed my contract online) that has no local HK entity as a software developer. The company conducts no business in HK and has no customers here.

    My salary is directly wired by the company to my HK bank account every month.

    Since HK tax is territorial and the income is not sourced from HK am I still liable to pay tax in HK?

    I'll appreciate your kind advice.

    Can't offer much as far as the tax issue is concerned but I'm really interested in learning how you found the remote job.

    You said you're a HK resident so I'm assuming you're not a citizen. Is your employer based in your country of citizenship which means you don't need a work authorization for that company?

    Not trying to pry at all so don't worry. Just really curious about remote opportunities since there aren't that many in HK.