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Double Taxation Treaty & eTax filing

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    Double Taxation Treaty & eTax filing

    Pretty much all my income is sourced from overseas, and one particular firm has deducted Singapore tax from my ( Non-exec Director Salary) before paying me the money. They told me I can claim this back in HK - but I have no idea how. I logged into etax to file my return today and it said I could not use e-tax if I was going to claim an excemption - is this an exemption? Anyone know?

    Has anyone done this? Is it simple?

    And if the answer to the above question is "no" - anyone know a CHEAP HK tax advisor who could help (and cost less than the tax saved LOL)?


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    Yes, e-filing is not possible if you are claiming an exemption

    Complete part 4 of the hardcopy form

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