Hi There - I want to ask in the situation where I am a resident of Canada (I have Canadian property, driver's license, bank account, contributed to RRSP this year - so am guessing significant ties to Canada and therefore can't qualify as non-resident...) but have worked in HK for the past year, how would the taxation work exactly?

I am planning to move back to Canada soon and will need to clear my taxes in HK and was wondering if there is any point AT ALL to use my deductions in HK when filing the HK tax (i.e. rent, MPF TVC + mandatory contributions etc.) to reduce my taxable income in HK? I understand I still need to "bring up" the taxes paid to Canadian tax rates, so will my reduced taxable income in HK resulting from my deductions even be relevant/of any use in reducing my total tax payable? OR will the CRA only consider the tax payable based on the income earned in HK (without any consideration of the previous mentioned deductions), then subtract the tax I paid in HK, and I'll have to make up the difference thus, rendering any type of deduction filed in HK tax pointless? So in the end it just means that my total tax payable will be the same amount regardless?

I'm guessing there's not many Canadians still deemed as tax residents here in this forum but in the off-chance there are, or if anyone is in the know, could kindly provide some guidance on this situation? Much appreciated!