I have to do my taxes and I finally earned some income in HK. Kinda.
Firstly NONE of the companies that pay me is in HK and pretty much none of the work is done in HK.
I have a certificate for tax deducted by Singapore for one of them, which is good, as that acts as a deduction here.
My question is - I have to fly a lot for business development, courses and other things related to making money, which would normally be a cost of doing business in a limited company. Is the same true for an SP? Can I put these in my accounts too?

I'm assuming that when people cover the cost of my expenses (so work, not bd or courses) this just cancels out and I don't need to put it anywhere - or do I?

Right now I'm doing my accounts in an excel spreadsheet because (until now) I only had about 3 income items and about the same cost items - should I move to some form of actual accounting system? Any recommendations for something cheap and idiot-proof (SP = no admin support LOL)