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Help - eTax saying I need to file historical taxes?

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    Help - eTax saying I need to file historical taxes?

    So in my eTax, in the "Tax Position" tab, it's saying I need to file two historical taxes:

    1) Tax Year 2020/2021, Issued May 2021, Filing Due Date June 2021
    2) Tax Year 2019/2020, Issued June 2020, Filing Due Date July 2020

    I can't remember whether or why I didn't file these tax returns, maybe I forgot.

    However, for #1, I see I have a "Estimated Assessment Demanding Final Tax for 2020/21 and Notice for Payment of Provisional Tax for 2021/22" which I didn't pay. If I pay this, do I still need to file the tax return for #1?

    For #2, I paid this Assessment notice already. (My payment was a few thousand more than what was on the Assessment notice, not sure why)

    Panicking a bit right now. Does anyone have any advice on what my next move should be? I guess for the unpaid assessment I might have a surcharge levied at me, any way I can talk them out of it? Is it possible to talk to somebody at the Tax Office to help sort out this mess?

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    Pick up the phone and talk to IRD

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    Or go to their counters.. in person service is quite good too.

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    Maybe you forgot? How is it possible to forget tax? Hide from it, miscalculate the return but I defy anyone to explain how you can forget to file taxes in HK. it is not as if the tax season goes unpublished, not to mention tax loan SMS, emails etc.

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    One year I paid my tax a week late (was due early January which caught me off guard and I paid it mid January). I remember receiving a penalty notice which I think was 5% of my total tax bill, plus a demand to pay the second installment immediately, which was not nornally due until April. The 5% penalty was something like $5k-$10k, which is not a small amount. So I called them up and apologised saying the early Jan release date was a bit unusual and thats the reason why. They accepted my sob story and waived the penalty, told me not to do it again.

    If you haven't paid for 2020/2021, thats a fine of 3 times the amount evaded plus 3 years in prison. Just make sure to inform your family and friends before rocking up to the tax office because I heard you dont get to make phone calls when arrested in Hong Kong so people might wonder where you are. Also I believe you are allowed to make only one 10 minute call every 3 months once in prison.

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    1) have you not check your eTax account from time to time or you just have recently applied for the account?

    2) Re #1, it is still estimated assessment, so you still have chance to file it asap on eTax, even if you paid the tax you are still responsible to file the tax return. If you have a reason not filing it on time (like you have not receive it), you can write a letter to the department to explain and ask for their leniency to waive any related penalty.

    3) Re#2, normally there is a calculation table behind the assessment which you can check if the income you had for that year is same as the estimated one. btw, did the assessment notice say it is final already? if not, there is still chance they will amend the assessment according to your tax return filing. Remember, no matter if you have paid it, you still have to file the tax return asap.

    Feel free to DM me if you have any further queries