Tax on student intern in Hong Kong

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    Exclamation Tax on student intern in Hong Kong

    hi all, I'm an undergrad student coming to do my internship in the city univ. of hong kong for about 10 weeks. (3rd may to 8th july)
    i am being paid 7655 hk$/month. i will be paying ~2000 hk$ for living in a rented flat. i need to know how much tax i am liable to pay. i tried the tax calculator on the website but couldn't understand what deductions apply to me etc.
    I'm on a a tight budget so i need to be really sure how much money i will have to pay on tax or i might end up paying from my own pocket. please, if anyone has any info, help me out. thanks in advance.

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    0 (Zero). HK tax system has a basic allowance of 100K HKD per year, and from the information you've provided, it doesn't seem that you would exceed that.

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    Hello can anyone help me?

    I know this thread is really old but I have just joined and I am not sure to start a new one yet. Basically my problem is the that I am a 2nd year student at the University of Birmingham and I really need an internship next summer in HK so I can be with my bf. I use to work and live in HK for a year on my gap year and came back this summer to teach again taking 4 jobs however my degree is in Business Management and I am really keen to put it all into practice however I am unsure how to go about obtaining a Marketing/HRM/Finance internship anyone have any ideas? I could take the easier route and try to get one in UK but I would much much prefer HK!

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    start a new thread with the question.