Hair Cut for Curly Hair?

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    Thumbs up Calina Hair Salon

    Quote Originally Posted by laurac:
    I promised some of you that I'd post once I found a salon....

    I went to Catalina Salon on Saturday and I'm happy with my haircut and more importantly, it suits curly hair! They didn't speak a lot of English so my friend got more cut than she bargined for...but overall, we were happy and I will go back. It cost $150 - but they give discounts if you work for certain companies (ask them).

    Calina Hair Salon
    Bank of America Tower
    On g/f, around corner from Golf Shop
    tel: 2526-2474
    I went this morning to the salon you mentioned and was very happy with the results. There is hope for people with curly hair in HK! And it cost me only 150$. Thanks laurac!

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    I had a really bad haircut there the second time I went there...I was pretty upset. Never went back. Fortunately, I've now mastered the art of cutting my own hair and using a straight razor. I'll never have to go to a barbershop again, let alone a fancy-schmancy hair salon.

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    I have curly hair and went to 'The Barber Shop' on 1/F 15B Wellington st Central, Danny did a pretty good job and I would recommend. $230 for a cut. Not as expensive as a salon but good quality cut for the price.