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Yes. Feel very stupid about that. A rare oversight on my part. Because I had been quoted 1500 to begin with, assumed the increase would be approx 20-30%. Same as the sliding scale normally used for junior vs senior stylists. Another lesson in Never Assume things work the same in Hong Kong.

Now am thinking of the lovely beach holiday we could've had for that money. Seriously.
Before I came back over here in November last year, I bought a Keratin formula from Ebay. My sons girlfriend did it for me. Its not that difficult. A little daunting the 1st time, but It turned out OK. it was very time consuming though.
I'm looking on Ebay & Amazon now to find Western Hair Colours. I did however decide to have it cut shorter, big mistake! I did have hair just to my shoulders about 2 weeks ago. I went for it cutting in Kowloon. OH DEAR! I now have very short hair. I must be the only person to have it cut 3 times in 1 week! I had to go back and get it re cut because it was lob sided, I was almost in tears when he finished, so much so that they didnt charge me. I then went to a local salon and had it cut a 3rd time, its better, but still a mess and suffering from 'Le Frizz', that coupled with the grey is terrible LOL I have to laugh because otherwise I'd be on prozac. So from now on, I'm going to dye it myself and hopefully if I just get it straightened up a little on the top, it will be a decent style (ish) LOL