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2014 Best Tailor for Men in Hong Kong

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    Here is a very recent thread in style forum which compares three budget suit makers in HK - Lee Baron,, William Cheng and Baron Kay with examples from each. Judge for yourself which you think is the best fit on the fellow - Best Value Tailor in Hong Kong - Page 11

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    Quote Originally Posted by threelittlepigs:
    William Cheng is used by a colleague and the quality is passable for a bank - though to be fair he gets their more expensive material.
    I had a couple pairs of trousers made here last year. They were so bad that I wore them once then tossed them- the tailoring was remarkably crap. Though I also know others who have used them and been satisfied- most recently two weeks ago. I went there with my friend to pick up and personally thought the results were okay-but-certainly-not-great.
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    A very top level review of the decisions in getting a suit made.

    1) The fabric

    - Italy - great reputation
    - Yorkshire - Established quality
    - Rest of the World - pot luck

    - 100% wool - harder to manage but feels great
    - Mix with Polyester - More suit fabric than you would imagine has a % of polyester - at you budget check how much. Try not to have more than 30% plastic - most lower quality fabric are not open about the % of polyester but at your price point it will have some.
    - Mix with elastane - less common and only usually a few %. Stretch and non wrinkle but does hang as naturally
    - Mix with Cashmere - adds a silky feel

    Weave & patterns
    Many weaves.

    Super Number
    The higher the finer the thread
    The finer the thread the harder to manage the material

    Only go for Bemberg

    Perhaps choose high quality cotton rather than the normal poly cotton

    2) The Cut
    Uber important. The shops take your measurements and send it to one of their sub-con tailor sweat shops for cutting and then sewing (only the biggest and most prestigious shops have dedicated workshops) . If you can actually meet the guy who will cut your fabric that is better - but this is not easy to do.

    Fused vs. Canvassed
    At your price point it will be fused as per off the rack suits. Fusing (technique and material) has improved no end from the horrors of the 70's and 80's where it's reputation was ruined.

    A canvassed suit takes more labour and if done well will make your suit fit you properly and hang well.

    3) Sewing
    Least important part

    Although many people are happy to rely on their tailor-shop to guide them through their choices it is always worth asking questions.

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    I know absolutely nothing about suits (thankfully I don't need one for work) - and therefore have no way of judging the one I just commissioned. I'll probably be told here that E-RAVE are not great (they have several branches, which is possibly not a good sign) - not to mention I got 20% off by prepaying a voucher (costed $100 only) at the wedding expo.... BUT it's 100% Italian wool and they seem to know what they're doing. I paid $68xx for a three piece, and that was already using amongst their nicer material. Not quite the 10K+ quoted here for a very nice suit, but definitely more than 3K....

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    Houston Center. You do the choosing among the stores. I'm sure some stores are traps - so find someone who understands cutting to go along with you.

    $2800 for the suit, $300 for shirt - Quality high enough that it fooled everyone.

    Got my first fitting done within 6 hours, and had the entire suit & shirt done in 4 days.

    Simple philosophy - buy groceries from the wet market instead of City Super when supper won't look or taste any different to anyone.

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    I have 3 suits and a dinner jacket from William Cheng and have been happy - but I spend around 5k to get the more decent material there. You have to ask questions and show you know what you want though so you don't get taken for a ride - when I'm on a higher salary I will migrate to WW Chan/Gordon Yao naturally.