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How do you do that when most of this green stuff is shipped here on super container ships that produce the pollution that a million plus cars produce...

If you actually want to make a difference move out of densely populated cities, own a standaline passive energy home, grow most of your own vegetables, produce you own eggs, frui, meat and electricity. You know, self sustainable..

But if it helps you sleep better by buying these touchy feely products, even if you might actually be part of the problem, and why planet Earth at present is at 60% biocapacity !
There are shampoos, soaps, detergents etc. made from bio-degradeable ingredients. I've heard about some old ladies in Hong Kong who make their own dish washing soap from old vegetables bits that are thrown away (something to do with their natural oils and starches?). I didn't research more so not sure if they sell the stuff, but I guess that is what he means by greener options.

i did see some of these environmentally friendly liquid soaps in Citysuper before, but as you say, they were imported and defeats the purpose.