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    I'm about to live in Hong Kong for half an year and I'm blonde and I dye my hair every month. However, I have read that there is no blonde dye in Hong Kong or if there is it is hard to find? Can please someone tell me if there are shops which sell blonde dye, even if its a bit darker, not especially white blonde?

    Thank you in advance!

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    i buy from here the 'supply shop for beauty hair'. addr, g/f 216 temple street, jordan. kowloon. the second one walked from jordan road. only 6 percent ammonia. too high will burn. + intensive blonde. tell the salesman.
    i tried 'baco'. burgundy box. its good

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    Start by calling these places-

    Inside Hong Kong's Top 9 Hair Salons | South China Morning Post

    Am I being blonde in asking why you need to dye your hair blonde if you are blonde?

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    My natural hair color is dark blonde but I dye my hair platinium blonde

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    Thank you!

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    Iherb have some blonde hair dyes?

    If you're new to Hong Kong iherb is amazing for health and beauty products and supplements etc!