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For the Aussie expats who miss Aussie fashion labels - your opinion please?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MerMer:
    I don't do any clothes shopping in Hong Kong anymore. Either online (plenty of Australian labels ship to hk) or when I travel (which I do frequently). What's important for me is the experience, and when dropping a sizeable chuck of cash in HK, the service is so underwhelming and often downright rude, and it sours the experience. I know that's not important to everyone, but it is to me.
    Anything you do in HK would need to have friendly staff with people skills, otherwise people like me will just continue to avoid shopping here and do it in places where it's a given.
    Yes, the experience is everything! Thanks for the feedback!

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    Quote Originally Posted by gataloca:
    That seems to contradict with what you are proposing. If you want to be environmentally conscious, then support local products. Why shipping over stuffs when similar can be found here?
    Pretty sure there isn't much cotton grown in Hong Kong!!

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    Hi Anqi

    I just moved to HK a year ago. I love Aussie labels and online shopping doesn't seem to be the norm here. Yes to all of the above, I would buy them on a regular basis for sure if they were available online. Another idea is to let users opt for a cheaper shipping option where you ship say 10 orders at once to HK to a distribution centre (ie friend's house or wherever) and then buyers have a stipulated time to collect them. Might only work if you have a base in HK.

    Hope this helps

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