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    Question Skinny chinos in HK

    Does anyone know where to get skinny chinos that are actually skinny. I bought ultra stretch skinny chinos from uniqlo 2 years ago. and they are skinny enough for me. but when I went to buy them again . they're not even skinny, they look like regular fit on me. In fact, I cannot even find what I previously bought. I look in every shop. I cannot find skinny chinos. anyone knows were I can buy skinny chinos? I am very slim. thank you.

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    Maybe it’s not the pants

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    Dickies from Mongkok...the skinny kind not the American style...

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    I live in Shenzhen, and also noticed that they stopped selling Skinny fit chinos at Uniqlo (can only find Slim fit, but as a skinny guy these are too big for me). However, I was actually at Uniqlo yesterday and they did have a few more left, only black and navy though. In any event it seems like they are discontinuing that style.

    My best advice would be to buy some online.. check if Uniqlos website still sells them. I need to check too.. it seems Uniqlo Skinny chinos are the only pants that are skinny enough and long enough for me around here haha.

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    Try Topshop?