Hi there,

I have read a few threads about tailors in HK. They are mostly old (+5 years) and mentioned there are two good tailors in town:

1) Ascot Chang - to be the best quality, prices around 40k
2) WW Chang & Sons - also great quality, price starting around 12k

These are all famous with fancy (and expensive) shops. Prices might also not be up to date.

I am looking for some good quality suit, and I wonder what are the other options for bespoke out there.

I'd imagine it's possible to get similar quality with a less known tailor in a less fancy shop (?). I know prices go up with quality, but there is a point that one pays for reputation, service, shop rent, etc... I just need a good quality suit.

For instance, I've tried Win Guide for shirts following the suggestion on this forum and really liked it. Simple, off-track shop with great value for the money (Thomas Manson for around $800). There should be something similar to suits.

I just moved in and I'd appreciate very much your thoughts and recent experience, with prices.

Thank you in advance.