are stores/restaurants open during Chinese New Year?

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    Question are stores/restaurants open during Chinese New Year?


    I'm a soon-to-be expat, gearing up for my relocation from New York in October. I'm enormously excited, just can't wait!

    But onto my question. My parents want to have a visit in mid-late January. As this coincides with the Chinese New Year, it's probably an exciting time as far as celebrations and fireworks are concerned. But what about other, more practical things? I've heard the celebration lasts a few weeks, so are lots of shops and restaurants closed? If so, generally for how long?

    Specifically, has anybody tried doing any furniture shopping (at Ap Lei Chau or elsewhere) around this time?

    Thanks in advance for the advice!

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    Hi Sc0wser,

    Don't you worry, most restaurants/shopping centres are open during Chinese New Year. Only offices and small or private owned companies/stores are closed for the long holiday (3 days). If you stay in HK, it shouldn't be a problem, but if you and your family planned to visit China during that time you may want to plan ahead, because in China the holiday lasts mininum 2 weeks.

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    Don't worry!! 2005 the Luner New Year is on 5 Feb.

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    now a quick question about the cost of buying a bed

    Great to know...thanks!

    Somewhat unrelated question I guess, but on the topic of furniture, is it true what I've heard about the generally astronomical cost of buying a bed in Hong Kong?

    Thanks again!

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    Not particularly - you can buy beds for $100, particularly if they are branded as "amah beds". :|

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    If by bed you mean the bed and the mattress, you'll find that most mattresses are considerably harder here in HK than in the States. You can get the softer type mattress here but at a premium than what you would find in NY.