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    I also agree: The Soho Spice is awful. Not at all the fresh Thai food I was longing for when I went there.

    I like Sampan in Pak Sha Wan, on Hiram's Highway on the way to Sai Kung. The food has always been excellent, clean and nice place with good service. And You can sit outside if you want.


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    Quote Originally Posted by ScotchDrinker:
    Jay, again have to agree with you. I'm surprised (and annoyed) whenever I walk past it and see it's still in business...!
    Sounds like we need to get a proper meal and some Scotch at some point!

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    Sala Thai at the Elements, Kowloon Station

    I like Sala Thai Cuisine at the Elements, Kowloon Station, which served authentic Thai food.

    The restaurant is good enough that Mcdang, one of the famous Thai food critics, wrote his column in a Thai newspaper introducing this restaurant to Thai people in Bangkok.

    For the first timer to Sala Thai, I suggest you order Mcdang’s list below. Also, you should order white rice to accompany all dishes below which includes appetizer. This is the way Thai eats.

    1. Appetizer: Fish cake (good and taste Thai though a bit on the salty side), Spring roll
    2. Noodle: Pad Thai (not very good and you will have to add the condiment to boost the taste, ie chili flake and sugar)
    3. Main dish:
    3.a Lime Steamed Fish (not quite a steamed dish but more of a hotpot style – a nice balanced of sweet and sour with no creamy taste like Thai foods that was catered to westerner’s taste. It tastes exactly like a good one that is served in Thailand)
    3.b Exploded crab (not a Thai dish but a tribute to HK styled typhoon shelter fried crab – highly recommend by Mcdang)
    4. Dessert: Mango and sticky rice – got negative review from Mcdang. The sticky rice wasn’t cooked right and the mango was sour though the comment sounds typical of this dessert served at almost all Thai restaurant in Hong Kong

    I visited this restaurant last Friday and I included my comment on foods I ordered above (in the blanket). For dessert, I had coconut agar, which was surprisingly good, and had no rancid smell, which is typical of coconut based food/dessert in Hong Kong.

    I realized that this restaurant got a very low score on the local foodie website, openrice.com. Nevertheless, my understanding is that the low point was mostly from services, which, I believe, was currently not an issue during my visit last Friday.

    For those who insisted the food there wasn’t good, I suggest other “Thai styled” restaurant like Thai Basil at Pacific Place. It tastes good on its own but is beyond me why they called what they served and named the restaurant Thai.

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