Vietnamese soy sauce / condiments? Vietnamese supermarket in HK?

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    Vietnamese soy sauce / condiments? Vietnamese supermarket in HK?

    Anyone know any stores that sell Vietnamese condiments / soy sauce?

    All the supermarkets I have been to only stock HK versions and I have no idea where a Vietnamese grocery/supermarket may be located.


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    Not sure if they sell the specific Vietnamese soy sauce you are looking for, but you can try the Thai and Indonesian stores at Kowloon City. Around Nga Tsin Wai Rd. (between South Wall Road - Lion Rock Rd.) there are numerous of these stores. They sell a mix of SE Asian food and spices, additional bonus is that they sell at very cheap prices as well.

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    Thanks. Will give it a try.

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    I've only ever seen Vietnamese fish sauce (Phu Quoc is the name on the label) in the Wellcome Superstore in Westwood mall near Kennedy town. But I'm not sure there was anything else. I have looked around for it too as less sweet than the Thai brands.

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    well ,there are some vietnam store in the mongkok market.