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Seriously good coffee

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    Another query - any recommendation on places in HK with the old-school lever expresso machines? We want to try that, see how the taste compares to the more standard equipment-made coffee.
    FYI, I don't really like coffee from Lever machine but this is what I recall.

    The old school lever I could think of are Halfway Coffee the original shop at 12 Tung Street which uses Bosco AFAIR, not the new shop which uses La Marzocco Linea.

    The Halfway Coffee is famous among Instagrammer and better on milk than black, IMHO.

    Another one that I haven't been there for a while is F22 Photo Space in Causeway Bay,, which uses Londinium L1 but a fully tricked out on the outside.

    If you want to try a modern Lever machines, La Marzocco Leva, you can try at

    1. Hidden Coffee in Tuen Mun:
    2. Coffee Matters in Sham Shui Po:
    3. Neighbourhood Coffee, Aberdeen:鄰里-1545014682298258/

    The first two shops are good; the third shop is quite new when I tried it and related to Halfway Coffee.

    From what I feel, the modern Lever machine La Marzocco Leva, which is based on the top of the line La Marzocco Strada, has a 'hybrid' taste profile ie the front and the mid section of espresso is like modern machine much closer to a top of the line La Marzocco Strada which is very clear but the aftertaste is more rounded/not as clear as modern espresso machine, making the coffee easier to drink. A good experience indeed
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