Espana - Travel Advice Request

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    Espana - Travel Advice Request


    I'm planning a 12~14 days trip to Espana departing from HK by end of May. As I have very short time for the planning, thus appreciate if anyone can give me the advice urgently.

    The key cities and places that I would like to visit are Madrid, Valencia, Barcelona, Mijas. Would also like to visit Sevilla, Ibiza if time is sufficient. Wondering if departing from HK to Madrid while returning from Barcelona to HK is the best fight route or some other ways round? Much appreciated if you could suggest the initerary according to my places of visit.

    Thanks a lot.

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    Dear Purificacion,

    For your flight routing, it's probably best to fly with either KLM (Dutch Airline) or Air France or British Airways. There is no direct flight to Spain from Hong Kong. With the above airlines , there are more connecting flights and you can go Madrid and on your way back from Barcelona.

    Based on your itinerary, for time and cost saving, have you considered staying at the Trenhotel, fast train travelling across Spain with hotel facilities. How about visiting Cordoba,Toledo and Granada as well?

    If you are travelling in and out of Spain through Madrid, you can consider taking Thai Airline, which gives you a free stopover in Bangkok on your way back.

    Singapore Airline is starting to fly to Barcelona from 16 July, but unlike the Thai Airline, you cannot stopover in Singapore either way with the cheapest economy ticket.

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    I would skip Mijas and instead go to Granada or Cordoba. Mijas is just a touristy village with nothing much to see. On the other hand, the Alhambra in Granada is one of the greatest and most beautiful sights in the world and should not be missed.