suggestions for weekend trips from hk

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    1. Shenzhen (dafen, dongmen, seafood street, shekou, ritz carlton, hyatt....lots to do....wutang mountain).
    2. Guangzhou (heaps of things to do.....brilliant german restaurant on the river!)
    3. Zhuhai (maybe full of old people?!!)
    4. Dameisha (nice Hyatt there on the beach front)
    5. Kaiping (3 hours from Shenzhen by bus) beautiful old style chinese buildings....
    6. Lamma island
    If you go onto the HK government website there have info about camping, holiday places and private accomodation on many of the islands......worth a shot!

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    Just did a short stint to Cebu and with timing of the flights by Cebu Pacific, its a short weekend getway with maximium time at destination.

    Leave Hong Kong friday night/very early Saturday morning (00:30am flight) to arrive in Cebu just after 3am
    Leave Cebu Sunday night 9:30pm flight to get back to Hong Kong just after midnight.

    Sleep a bit on the plane and you have to negotiate a reduced rate at a hotel for arriving around 5am-ish (or sleep on the beach) but you get 2 very full days in the sun for a very reasonable price.

    Similar type of flight also available to Manila which allows access to full days in Clark, Batangas, PortoGallera etc


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    what about the little islands around HK? they are pretty good getaways.

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    thanks! i've lots of ideas to play around with now.

    here's one more to add to the list...

    Qingdao International Beer Festival | Qingdao China Guide

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    Just got back from a weekend in Shanghai - great place to spend a weekend.

    Plenty of flights out of HK (or Shenzhen if you want to save a few dollars), lots to see and do and the food is awesome.

    Can't recommend it enough.

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    I guess if you have the money, almost anywhere within a few hours flight time is possible from Hong Kong.

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    Exactly what drumbrake said. That´s the beauty of HK. There are literally hundreds of places to go depending on your budget. Too many to list in China, you could go to Taiwan, Korea, Thailand, Singapore, KL, Philippines, Cambodia, islands outside of HK, Macao, and it goes on and on. Cities, beaches, mountains, villages, hot climate, cooler climate. Depends on what you like to do and how adventurous you are...

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    You're pushing a few of those for a weekend break though, especially leaving after work on a Friday. Realistically you're just going to get Saturday and half of Sunday in most places, which hardly seems worth it to me! Quite a few of the ones you mention are three or more hours flight, plus the two hours check-in both ways.

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    We did a trip to Manila and climbed Pinatubo with your timings - left here 6pm on Friday night, got back circa 8pm on Sunday. It's doable and quite interesting.

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    Good point Geoff. Ducking out of work a little early on Friday and coming back late on Sunday could be required but especially Taipei, Manila & vicinity, Macao, islands outside of HK, or numerous destinations in south china (or even Shanghai) are completely doable unless one has a habit of working very late on Fridays.

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