Ng Tung Chai waterfall

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    Ng Tung Chai waterfall


    Just wondering if anyone knows what's the best way of getting to the Ng Tung Chai waterfall?

    Basic background reading tells me that I need to get to Tai Po Market East Rail station and then take minibus 25K to Ng Tung Chai village.

    Haven't found too much after that ... any pointers as to:

    1. what route to take from Ng Tung Chai village to the waterfall?
    2. how long is the trek?
    3. what's the route like in terms of difficulty level?

    Thanks in advance!

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    just get off an ng tung chai village. there isn't much of a village there, so you can't miss the waterfall if you get off at the right station.

    from there walking into the forest. i think all the way is about 1.5 hours, but my memory could fail me here.

    i remember the route as fairly easy - on a 5 scale probably a 2

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    Just walk up through the village towards the hills, it's pretty hard to miss. There are several falls - the lower falls, middle falls, upper falls and scatter falls if I recall correctly. Just keep walking up the path for more falls .... you can swim in the pools around them - the top one is my favourite.

    Above the top falls the path is "closed" however if you are happy to scramble abit over some fallen rocks, it's pretty easy to make your way up above the falls, from where you can walk up to Tai Mo Shan and join the Maclehose trail to the Top of Tai Mo Shan.