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Wine tasting holiday!

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    Question Wine tasting holiday!

    Hi there! Me and my BF are planning a long weekend away in the next month or so and were wondering if we could go somewhere that incorporated wine tasting into our holiday. I've heard of this in EU but have not heard of it in Asia. Does anyone know of a place where they do this? We do love our wine

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    Siu Sai Wan

    Where were your last two dozen bottles of wine produced - go there.
    So, there are direct flights from Hong Kong into Melbourne (Yarra Valley), Auckland (Marlborough region), Italy, France and California.

    No half decent wineries in Asia I know of.
    (Yes, there is one in Hong Kong, but not really what the OP is after)

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    Cool, that would be great if i could find decent wineries in Asia. I'm embarrassed to say I caught the last part of a Discovery Channel show about a winery in Asia but missed where it was. I think it was outside Beijing, or Shanghai, but not sure. Looked like a castle. Any advice would be great.

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    plenty of good chinese rice wine in china.
    dynasty also makes wine, questionable quality, in china.
    japan and korea also have wine making facilities. as a matter in fact, Emeryville/Berkeley has a great sake making factory and the tours are great. i am sure there is something similar in Japan.

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    i think there's one in vietnam. danang if im not wrong.

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    Thanks for the suggestions. I would love to go to Vietnam, i will look into that. Has anyone had any experience themselves with any of the above places?

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    Yunnan Wine It's cheap and tastes ok. Not sure if they do winery visits though. Yunnan itself has lots to see.
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