Travel buddy/ies 2011

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    Travel buddy/ies 2011


    I know its early on to be looking, but want to make friends with someone who wants to do a bit of travelling in China, Vietnam/Cambodia/Thailand, and maybe Indonesia next year. I'm here on work so will be able to get some time off work to do 2 weeks here and there.

    I'm looking for someone who is in their 20's, organised, and willing to do things cheaply in order to visit as many places for as cheap as possible!

    I am not going to say only women need apply, since that does limit my travel companion, but i have a partner (who is having to go back to UK after being unsuccessful with getting a work visa here), and i don't want us to get stressed out about spending time with another bloke!

    Let me know if this is something you would be interested in, and perhaps we can meet up for coffee/lunch to discuss further. Obviously if there are a few people interested perhaps we could get a small group together to do some visits.


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    Would love to but I saw the word "cheap" and it turned me off. I love to save money like many others but won't be doing it and facing horror stories like some of my friends did when they tried to cut costs. Those places sound very nice though.