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What does a HK Passport holder need to travel to Canada for a visit?

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    Quote Originally Posted by drumbrake:
    I travel with someone who has a HKSAR passport and is subjected to the detailed questioning in places such as Canada, the US and the UK. In non English speaking countries, this doesn't usually happen (although we did get a Ni Hao in Switzerland!). While I can understand the questioning to some extent, it does get a little repetitive, especially as most of the questions are just repeating what has been written on the arrival form. Also, I cannot remember the last time I had a physical air ticket in my hand, so while I can show the immigration officer a printed out copy of an itinerary, I presume he or she knows I could easily type it up myself using a computer if I wanted to. UK immigration can be the worse, especially as they don't give you an exit stamp so they know you have arrived, but don't know if you have left. Then they look in the passport and see lots of arrivals stamps to the UK and start wondering how long you have stayed. Anyway, anyone with a HKSAR passport who has travelled a little bit will be used to this.
    Regarding Canada, I find it's always been a hassle with immigration, and I'm Canadian! Tons of questions even back in the 90s when I lived overseas and went back home to Canada for the holidays. I often got the feeling they just don't understand how someone could possibly live in another country. As if I live on the moon. Although the country is based on immigration from way back and still welcomes hundreds of thousands of immigrants each year, it is a bit of an insular place perhpas mostly due to the fact that it's so damn far from anywhere else. The whole questioning routine by immigration is definitely worse now though and has been since 9/11. I often get stuck explaining why I have such 'suspicious' stamps as China, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos on my passport. They just don't get it. Hmm....maybe it's because I live in Hong Kong and like to take holidays to nearby countries.

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    Guess what as of March 15, 2016, you need to apply online for a mini-visa to Canada.
    All visitors travelling by air to Canada (except for US and Canadian citizens) must apply for ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization). It costs $7 cdn and good for 5 years. Even though HK Passport users can stay 6 months in canada, you need an ETA to get into canada unless you coming from sea or from land (like the US). This is caused by the agreement between US and Canada to align their immigration system as one since the 9/11 attacks.

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