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Where should more cylcling paths be created

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    Where should more cylcling paths be created

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    They need to create some space and infrastructure for day-to-day use of bicycles in urban areas. All those cycle tracks they are building in parks right now (ie. the one at the water front in Central) are no use (they are more for kids on three wheelers). They should look to Tokyo to see how it's done, I am impressed every time I go to Tokyo. But I don't see that happening ever, not only because of the climate and road side pollution in HK. I can't imagine it will ever be very popular or practical with locals in urban areas.

    Recreational cycling will follow automatically and there are actually many places where you could go. It is a bit troublesome right now if you own a bike (mainly to get to the places where you need to be). No problem if you have to rent, you can just do it on-site.

    I am looking forward to that one in a few years:

    Cycle Tracks Connecting North West New Territories with North East New Territories – Tuen Mun to Sheung Shui section

    With a little bit of luck we'll be able to go from Tsuen Wan > Tuen Mun > Yuen Long > Sheung Shui > Tai Po > Shatin all the way to Sai Kung on a bycicle in a few years. (would be perfect if you can rent a bike at the start and return on the other end of HK).

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    Quote Originally Posted by 100LL:
    But I don't see that happening ever, not only because of the climate and road side pollution in HK. I can't imagine it will ever be very popular or practical with locals in urban areas.
    The same argument was used in Montreal many years ago. First, they didn't want to spend money on something that was only going to be used a few months out of the year, then some didn't want to spend money clearing the paths in the winter. There's an estimated 50 000 people nowadays using the paths all year round to commute and the city just spent a few millions to have a Bixi fleet installed and has plans to have 800kms of bike paths by 2015.

    A visit to the path in Sha Tin on weekend clearly indicates that there is a large demand for that type of recreational space. I have no doubt that if there was a couloir built along the water from Kennedy Town to Chai Wan, it would see a lot of use both recreationally and by commuters.

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    I agree with looking forward to the extension in the NT, but pray that they following things happen

    1) Some way of limiting these rental shops, the bikes often are badly maintained, and the people who rent them have often little road awareness. The accident mentioned in the video is sadly no surprise, having seen ambulances called out many time myself. Perhaps a licensing system (backed by inspection) is needed and helmets should be made compulsory for renters as a start.

    2) Traffic calming measures on the tracks need to be sensible. There is an awful path near Tung Chung (MTR<->airport service road) which is impossible to ride a bike on more than 10m at a time, due to very narrowly spaced concrete pillars.

    3) There are more paths out there which are not on maps. There is a network for example near Fanling running to the buffer zone, perhaps if it gets mapped it might get maintained.

    4) Start allowing transport of bikes on public transport, it's at best a grey zone at the moment.

    Generally I would love to see a long coastal path on HK island, and expansion of areas closer to town, as cycling in the rural areas is far safer due to there being less traffic.