anyone wanna join my philippine trip?!

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    anyone wanna join my philippine trip?!

    Hi, i am new here...

    Planning for a vacation in lunar new year holiday. I am thinking for laoag, cebu or manlia...any suggestion?

    As a local, most of my frds need to spend their new year with families. So, i am alone. I know it's a little bit hurry, but anyone interest for it?

    My plan is a 3-4 days trip during the peak period 17-20...i am gonna to reserve the package with tickets n hotels only.And it costs about 2500-3500 for that package...

    I am here waiting for you guys.

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    While I am interested, I have the same problem as your other friends. I wish you the best of luck. At about two weeks away, there should still be enough time to find a good company.

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    Hi Rachel! Did you take the trip finally? Where to? I'm planning to go to Laoag, wondering what's your opinion would be?

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    The post was referring to CNY 2007!

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    hey i'm going there aswell but already booked my tickets - i go at lunar new year and have flights to manila boracay and have you fixed sth now?


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    Smile Phils..........

    ......if you can change your sched, skip boracay, instead go to el nido in palawan. If you are a constant traveler, you cant compare this place. It's awesome. I'm in US, will have a vacation this May or June, and this place is a must in my sched to visit. By the way, before heading to the Phils, i'll drop HK for 3-4 days.

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    I Am Ready For Vacay

    i had to work over christmas & NYE, so I ready to throw down over chinese new years.

    whats the latest scoop on this trip , still on, wax off?


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    i'm going to cebu on the 7th and travelling around for a while with a friend, trying to find somewhere to dive and party..not decided where yet..possibly alona beach panglao? anyone been there ?

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    Thumbs up Cebu

    If any of you guys are going to Cebu, might as well go to Malapascua, Cebu. It's an island off Cebu. The underwater sight -the coral reefs- just spectacular! as you may chance upon the elusive Thresher shark (don't worry, this is the shyest among sharks-harmless). This island has been featured in Discovery Travel & Living Channel. Truly a paradise!