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Backpacking to XinJiang in Easter

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    Quote Originally Posted by coffeesh:
    After Japan and Europe last year... I'm planning to go Xinjiang on Apr 18- Apr 29...anyone interested in joining? (esp if you wish to be with someone who can speak both Chinese and Eng during the trip)
    I've always wanted to go to Urumqi and Xinjiang - perhaps not the staid and rather predictable places which Morrison describes as mundane and tedious. Xinjiang is far richer in experience than this, however the year I was planning to go, some violence broke out. The lakes and the landscape is primarily my interest, so I suppose, the rural areas are more appealing.

    It is quite a gamble going to such a far away place with a complete stranger - or perhaps that's just me...!

    I find that people in remote parts of China are very sincere and genuine too. They have a curiosity about chinese people from different regions and generally relate very amicably if you can speak some Mandarin and engage in conversation. The only time I got in trouble for being over-talkative in mandarin, happened with a security guard in Xian when asking for directions. He gave me an inquisition and instead of answering my question, started to ask me where I came from; what I was doing; before proceeding to ask me to show my ID and my wallet (no hope). Managed to talk my way out of that one, telling him I was just a student. He told me that he wanted to study, but didn't have enough money and got a job paying 40 Yuan a day as a security guard. He was a bitter and angry young guy and it certainly came across even with my limited mandarin.

    In any case, he asked me to give him some money as a tip as he gave me instructions. I offered him a red bean cake and a few chinese crackers (always carry food with you in case you meet someone with hunger!) .... and deliberately sent me in the opposite direction.

    When I discovered this, I couldn't stop laughing at how easily taken in I was. I still find it incredible that someone can be quite that mean-spirited, but there you go. There I the wrong direction

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    Hi Lunar, I'm going to Xi'an for 1.5 days in April and I was wondering which place did u stay at? Also, did you go by tour to terra cotta warriors or is it okay to take bus or taxi to warrior? Any other place in Xi'an you recommend? I'll be traveling alone.
    Thanks and also thanks for the advice about bringing extra food instead of giving cash. =)

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    Bus 306 from near the railways station is a cheap and easy way of getting to the warriors.

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    Quote Originally Posted by veggietofudog:
    ...Any other place in Xi'an you recommend?
    I loved the music and dance show and the dumpling banquet in Xi'an. Details here:
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