Online booking vs Travel agent

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    Online booking vs Travel agent

    I plan on booking a flight, (so as to keep the question general lets just ignore the destination for a sec)

    Which of the above do you prefer in HK? and why?( and recommendations of agents would be sweet if you use one)

    I usually go with Online just for sake of ease, that was while I was not in HK but to hear from folks from an different perspective would be nice.

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    Really depends on what you want in terms of destination and reason for travel. If you are going for leisure it is better to book a package which sometimes the travel agents have the best packages.

    If you are going for a long time/to the western world it can be a mix. Most travel agents can also do business by email. I personally use and have used WTO Travel a few times, they can get pretty good prices I have found. You can check out their site or email [email protected].

    I always check out Zuji as well for reference and if I am flying within Asia I check out the budget airlines too, although I find most of the time the difference is not enough to make me go budget.

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    If it is a simple flight and the price is good, I book online usually direct with the airline - such as Cathay, or AirAsia. If there is anything complicated - open jaw returns for example, I would go through an agent. I usually have to 'teach' the agent how to do their job - so I don't have one to recommend.

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    Sometimes online website is cheaper, sometimes travel agent is cheaper.
    I use both.

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    we still go through our travel agent. we mostly buy economy class tickets and upgrade to business with points. the easiest way to ensure availability for the economy class tickets that can be upgrade, and the availability of business class seats that is upgradable is to go through a travel agent. our agent charges $50 more than the online fare anyway plus we pay once a month.