Cheapest way to reach Macau

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    Cheapest way to reach Macau

    which is cheapest way to reach Macau ? - I am at Tsing Yi.

    There are so many ferry options or even other options, I am confused

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    macau dragon, a ferry company, has limited sailings, but one-way is $88 and round-trip is $128 (if i remember correctly).

    i know that they sail from shun tak in sheung wan, not sure if they also sail from tst or not.... i'm sure you can google them and find out.

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    swim? :P

    or you can go to Shun Tak (in Sheung Wan) and get the ticket from travel agency which just outside the gate, they sell some discount tickets.

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    You can't get any cheaper than this. But you have to wait until the next sale.