Macau trip- Should the credit card holders pay for the mistakes just because credit info was given out?

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    Macau trip- Should the credit card holders pay for the mistakes just because credit info was given out?

    The agency (Beng Seng Travel) is not willing to make the change of the booking of Hard Rock Hotel + House of dancing water performance on 22.May when it is supposed to be on 22 of April.

    They assumed that I was talking about 22/May as my online request suggested. When they gave me the pricing for different dates, I clarified over the phone the trip can only happen between the Easter holiday and 3/rd of May. I delightedly provided them the credit card details as they said the booking can only be confirmed in 3 working days.

    Now, as I got back to them when I noticed the that the month was wrong. The agency declined to revise the date for me because the payment has been made.

    Credit card company (HSBC) said the money hasn't been transferred to their account. And I can only file the dispute claim when it arrives their account.

    The agency insisted that I need to be responsible for this.. I don't understand why the credit card holders should just take the whole responsibilities of it.

    Any suggestions? I guess I can try to sell the package but it was the mistakes on both parties.. Should the credit holders just need to pay for anything because the merchants hold our credit details?

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    Thanks.. HSBC told me that I can only speak to the merchant (agency) for the cancellation though as I can only file the dispute claim when the money is debited. :s Is that true though?

    I do recall my previous credit card company was able to block the the payments for me..

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    I don't know about Hong Kong law, but in Europe your credit card details arebasically some form of a 'billing address'. I.e., if someone charges your card and you dispute the claim within 6 weeks, then the transaction is not finalised and you generally can get your money back. However, there is some form of arbitration process involved, and if indeed the paper trail backs the travel agent's version and you have nothing else than your memory to proof yours, then I doubt you'll be getting any money back.

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    As er2 says, if your "online request" has those dates and you only have a phone call as evidence I don't think you'll get a refund. Is it worth talking to the hotel to see if you can change?

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    Thanks a lot everyone..

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    it's what the bank told me as well
    looks like instead of fighting and filing the complaint.. i should try to sell it instead..