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Yes! I thought so!!! I looked Batu Ferringhi up on the net and it mentioned the Tsunami but I didn't realise Penang had really been hit! Oh well it looks beautiful and I am really looking forward to it!


Just kidding with you!!!

Penang pretty safe. That's the only Tsunami happen in northern Penang and some of the northern part of Malaysia, a few killed. Actually they can avoided the accident, but their greedy cause them died. The first few small wave bring in a lot of fish on beach, so the people down to beach to pick up the fish, second big wave come close, then....died.

This is the story I heard from Penang local. I was there few day after the Tsunami, that's why I still remember. I still can feel a very light waving while I visited KOMTAR.

Don't worry, just enjoyed your holiday!!!