Travel to Korea or Taiwan

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    Travel to Korea or Taiwan

    Hi, I'm currently in the US and on my yearly trip to around mid december to the beginning of January. HK I've been wanting to stop over in Seoul or Taipei on the way here. 4 days in korea or 3 days in Taipei.

    basically, it will cost me $200 extra to get off the plane in Taipei and $500 extra to get off the plane in Korea for a few days.

    I've been searching around for tickets and I think if I go to Taipei, buying a ticket+airfare package from HK will cost me about the same (1250+$200 USD for airfare vs. $1500 HKD for a ticket from HK to TPE). I lose 2-3 hrs flying and traveling to and from the airport. Though, I'd probably find a much better deal on hotel if I reserve in HK.

    Korea: It costs me $500 extra dollars (on a $1250+$500 USD ticket) to stop in Korea. So I thought, what about booking a tour package or flight+hotel package from HK. I called HK and some relatives looked up some stuff and the tour packages for 3 nights in Seoul run about $2400 HKD. Not bad... roughly $300 USD. Downside is that I lose 5 hours flying plus transportation to and from the airport. but even with December peak season prices, I save $100 bucks and have a hotel package.

    You thoughts? Korea? Should I just go on a tour or just buy a hotel+airfare package?

    I read the Taipei thread and it wasn't very encouraging...


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    I recently visited Seoul and I go to Taiwan often for work (am here now in the middile of a typhoon).

    Seoul has an American presence because of the base there. It is also a massive and populated city which I liked (kind of a cross between Tokyo and Taipei). You can visit the DMZ and it has some great palaces and tourist things to do around the city. Taipei is great place also, but is very different and not as many english speaking people. It has its own character and charm and is an good place to visit and see. I would recommend Seoul over Taipei normally, but the weather in Seoul at that time of year is will be bloody cold (high of 32F?). Great if you want to go skiing, not so great if you don't like the cold.

    Thought of going somewhere else, like Boracay or Cebu in the Philippines or even Vietnam? All depends on what you want to do on your holiday I suppose.

    Hope this helps a little.