Anyone fly on Hong Kong Express?

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    Anyone fly on Hong Kong Express?

    We are thinking of taking the non-stop HKG to Chiang Mai flight on Hong Kong Express Airways.
    Has anyone used that airline before?
    Is there a counter for them at Airport Express in the IFC?
    Any other info would be welcome.


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    Only one reference about them on the forums .. was a while back. So, I assume if they're in business they must be doing ok.

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    I don't know about their service to Chiang Mai - but their service to Hangzhou is dreadful. I frequently go there by Dragon Air. The HK Express flight is scheduled to depart shortly before the Dragon Air Flight. On MANY occasions the HK Express was substantially delayed, on 3 occasions "indefinitely". Delays of an hour or so are normal in that area due to airspace restrictions, but with HK Express we talk about 3 hours of more (indefinitely).
    In early July I noticed with glee that a certain Mike Rowse had to wait in HZ airports departure hall with the sweating masses for the indefinitely delayed HK Express flight to Hong Kong. He could not hide in the business class lounge as it is not shared with HK Express.

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    Sham Tseng

    I've done the Chaing Mai trip. We left 3 hours late but they called me early in the day to advise me of the delay so it wasn't that bad. You have to get a bus out to the plane nad back - no gate serive. Planes were new and service was goo. No complaints from me - great to be able to fly direct.