Best time to go to Boracay island?

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    Best time to go to Boracay island?

    Hi everybody, what is the best time to travel to boracay? what kind of weather it would be on february? planning to go to boracay on feb.

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    Feb is a good time to go

    We've been to Boracay a couple times. Great beaches with powder white sand, and loads of activities. There really isn't a good/bad season for places like this. However, I would suggest going during the dry season (Oct - April, I think) as the wind blows on the less popular side of the island and its calm on the fun, touristy side. During the rainy season (Mayish-October) everything is switched and the wind blows, hard too I might add, into the fun, touristy side making it a bit less enjoyable.

    If your going in Feb, you'll have a nice time.

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    Thanks for your quick reply, anyway which is better cebu or boracay? Going to Boracay is much more far away compare to cebu?

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    bora would be great in feb..and its not that crowded yet compared to march.

    I'd pick bora, great beach and nightlife

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    Thanks for reply
    my choice end up with bora.

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    has anyone used these guys recently are they reliable?