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ABTC Card SGP Pre-clearance time for HK PR.

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    ABTC Card SGP Pre-clearance time for HK PR.

    Any HK PR can share how long did it takes for SGP pre-claerance?
    Had my application submitted during End/Sept and had the following countries' approval,
    Hong Kong (China)
    New Zealand

    In fact, SGP is the most urgent one I need as my company asked me to go there for a long visit. Don't want to go through the Malaysia renewal route. Had many many question asked during my last trial.

    Can anyone from HK share their application time and process?


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    Presumably the Singapore authorities have noticed what you did before and realise that you want the card in order to reside there illegally. Why don't you simply apply for the appropriate visa?

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    Grant - spot on.
    Apec card is designed for business travellers to promote their business, not for those intending to circumvent traditional work visas..
    if caught working in a firm there without work visa you will be thrown in jail - in singapore that could even be a couple of canes (deservedly so).
    stop abusing the system.

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    Each countries assesses each applicant separately. Actually, Singapore seems very slow right now. They are not one of the ones that approved me (and I am Australian with no problem visiting Singapore, so no reason not to approve) - if you already have issues then possibly you are at the end of a slow queue!

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    You mean the APEC card, right? Interesting, applied end September, two month later still no CNH clearance. Good to know.

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    Thanks for your warning. Maybe I didn't explain enough. Our customer buy things from us directly from oversea. Sometime we need to follow up with them for support, basically accompany with our client to explain our products and follow-up with them on-site. It is basically project based.

    The probs. is sometime it is difficult to know how long the project last. Sometime 1 week, in other times up to 2 months. I thought the purpose of ABTC is for smooth out the visa process of this kind of biz. As it is difficult sometime to keep buying 30days ticket; go back to HK and then come back again.

    Maybe I will be flamed by saying this, I don't see, as a HKer, any reason why I want to reside in Singapore.

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