i'm a 27 year old male from the USA and have been living and working here in HK for almost a year. it's likely that i am going to be laid off soon, and i'm thinking of taking a 6-month holiday traveling around Asia. i've traveled a fair bit around Asia (have been to Tokyo, Seoul, Thailand, Kota Kinabalu, Taiwan) but really want to go everywhere and see everything without being rushed for time (would like to go to Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Burma, Mongolia, Indonesia, etc.). i speak intermediate Mandarin and would love to travel around inner China as well. if anyone is interested (or if you know anyone who might be interested) in joining me please let me know. i've traveled by myself before but would prefer to have a companion - your gender/ethnicity/origin/race/etc. doesn't matter to me - as long we can get along and agree on an itinerary and a general budget, i'm sure we can work it out.