Leaving Hong Kong for a week after my 18th birthday?

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    Leaving Hong Kong for a week after my 18th birthday?

    Hello there!

    So I'm planning to leave Hong Kong two days after my 18th birthday to Thailand for a week as a getaway...I was wondering if my Hong Kong ID card work will work when going through the e-channels if I'm carrying a 11-17 year old id card? Or do I need to use my passport? :/ Also, will I be able to go through the e-channel when I'm coming back into Hong Kong from Thailand?

    Any help will be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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    Based on the HK Immigration website

    If you hold a juvenile identity card issued between the ages of 11 and 17, you must apply for an adult identity card within 30 days following your 18th birthday. If you are outside Hong Kong, you shall apply for one within 30 days of your return to Hong Kong.

    Since you need to change within 30 days after your birthday so I reckon it will still work through the e-channels, they wont just cut it off as its still valid and within the govt requirements.