Cheapest Flights to Dalian?

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    Cheapest Flights to Dalian?

    On Zuji, Cathay and Dragonair sites I got roughly $3000/$3500 (taxes included) for June. Anyone know somewhere cheaper? Like maybe a Chinese company?

    I've also wondered if it's cheaper to fly to Dalian from Shenzhen airport. Any ideas?

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    Hong Kong

    The only airlines flying from HK to Dalian are Air China and Dragonair, and they codeshare on each other's flights. You probably can't do much better than Zuji online. Air fares in China are more regulated than to some other places.

    It would undoubtedly cost less to fly from Shenzhen if you can be bothered with the hassle.

    You might also be able to get a package from a travel agent including flights and hotel although that tends to work better if there are two of you travelling.

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    I think you could probably get it cheaper through Shenzhen, however you do have the hassle factor!

    You can try the site below for flight times and approximate costs (Further discounts may be available).

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