Anyone had experience of receiving payment for a delayed baggage claim through a Menzies Aviation (HK) Ltd. with a HKIA address? They purport to act as HK agents for Air Canada for this purpose.

AC's claim call centre in India agreed to reimburse some expenses for delayed baggage in TO last winter. Six weeks after sending in the papers to AC's address in Montreal, this Menzies outfit mails me a release letter to sign so they can pay by HKD cheque. Did so over a month ago, but heard nothing from them. Thought I'd follow up. Phone call always gets only an awkwardly spoken voicemail msg to leave details but they don't call back, nor do they respond to e-mail.

Are they for real? I'm wondering if it's Air Canada dumbing down their inconvenient services (payables to passengers) through the dumber and dumbest to wear out all but the hardiest claimants.