Thailand vs. Vietnam vs. Bali

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    Thailand vs. Vietnam vs. Bali

    A friend is coming to visit, and we'd like to go somewhere in SE Asia for 5 days or so. We're both 27 year-old single guys. Any recommendations? Suggestions from countries and locations not in the subject line are welcome.

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    They are all excellent choices... Vietnam has some fascinating sights, form Halong Bay to Hue and all the war relics. Nice beaches, good food, good accommodation and dirt cheap but you need to get a visa. Language can be a bit more of an issue and some areas have more beggars.

    Bali will be more touristy but easy to get away from Kuta beach and see nice black volcanic sand beaches, temples, snorkeling. Also very nice food and lots of cheap accommodation. Visa on arrival...People are generally nice but can be a little annoying

    Thailand is the easiest place to visit with good tourist infrastructure, good food, nice people, few areas where you get hassled. Big country so you'd have to focus on one area depending on whether you want beach, adventure, nightlife etc... Phuket, Krabi, Koh Samui and the Chiang Miai area would be excellent choices. Avoid Pattaya unless you're into sleaze...Visa on arrival

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    another option is boracay .. just come back very beautiful island with crystal clear waters and fine sandy beach ...

    it in philipines you can travel 2 hours to manila, spend a night there and then 1 hour onto boracay ... (fly by cebu pacific)

    loads of restaurants and bars and things to do.

    Thailand is of course recommended ... your best bet would be to fly direct on bangkok airways to koh samui. althoug the cost is a little higher some of the other destinations that you can fly budget airlines to.

    Bali i didnt like as much as in the main beach area just got too much hassle when sitting on the beach or going out by street seeler trying to sel you evrything from sunglasses, sex or even heroin ...

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    I too would also recommend Koh Samui Thailand- particulary Chaweng Beach. It is clean, water is clear, lots of bars, nightclubs, cafes and resturants. Also plenty of activities both on the water and inland.

    Phuket is definitely a place for single lads!

    Bali, would not go back there. Too many touts bugging you and the main beaches are not as clean.