quiet relaxing and safe beach?

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    quiet relaxing and safe beach?


    I am thinking about going to a nice beach somewhere in Thailand or Vietnam for 3-4 nights next week. I am completely flexible with dates but want it to be quiet (no touristy, crowded place like Koh Samui/Phuket) and safe (as I am going alone) and not too expensive. It'd be nice if the hotel/resort has good spa/massage service. Do you guys have recommendation?

    On the second thought, I wouldn't mind trying Bangkok..heard that it's beautiful.. but just too tired of crowded Hong Kong that I am not sure if I can afford another chaotic city for relaxing getaway- but welcome other thoughts. Ideal would be 1-2 days in Bangkok and any nearby nice quiet beach...

    Thanks alot!

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    In Bangkok. if you want to do spa, try Divanna spa.
    ( my fav place so far )

    and if you want to hop down to the beach you can either goes down to hua hin or cha-am about 2 hrs drive,, its a little more expensive but if you want a nice white sandy beaches.... closer to bkk try Koh samet this can be access by boat. and lots of near by island further down south i would go to PP island,, last time i was down there was before tsunami so i'm not sure how it is today. many resorts offer spa package so keep looking on the internet

    i'm going to get my next spa treatment in august and a day or two on the beach yay!