5 weeks in Aus... tips needed

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    I've used drivenow.com.au a few times. They seems to be pretty cheap and pretty good. It's just a front for various car hire companies - last time we ended up with Hertz at a rate about 1/3 of the one Hertz themselves were quoting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Janetw:
    Will i need to do anything with mz UK licence - apart from bring it with me`?
    Your UK driving licence will be fine.
    I would agree with concentrating on a smaller geographical area even though you have five weeks. All that running around is so-honk-kong-tour-like.

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    I know we are trying to get a lot in and will probably skip stuff when we are there but am hoping to do as much as possible. We also want to do a 2 week in New Zealand and might not get the chance to go back to Aus again............