Shenzhen VISA - someone talk sense

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    I go to Shen zhen with my aussie passport and it costs $150Hk for the 5day visa, just went on saturday.
    Visa price depends on where your from, they have a table on the wall at the visa office.

    Bringing a pen will really help, as you can line up and fill in forms to cut down queueing time.

    The visa office is a bit discrete. Once you pass over the bridge, go straight and look for the Elevators that go up on ur left.

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    Red face Shen Zhen Free Visa for Foreign vistors

    Hi there,

    I'll be visiting HK for 2 weeks in May and in that time we've decided to do a day trip on our own to Shen Zhen.

    I've sourced from 2 separate China tourism websites that the cities of Shanghai & Shen Zhen has recently introduced visa free stays for international visitors for 48 and 72 hours respectively.

    One of these sites is the Chinese National Tourist Office

    I think that one condition is that you must be a foreign visitor with valid visa to HK, and from HK its free visa to Shanghai or Shen Zhen.

    If anyone can confirm this to me, it would be greatly appreciated.

    Also does anyone know of best & safest way to the major tourist attractions there? Preferably operators who have a general command of english.


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    Quote Originally Posted by tex:
    knock off designer handbags/wallets--about 1/2- 1/3 price as in HK !
    Are those prices given if you're white or Asian? How much do they try to screw you over if you're white? Is it still a better deal than HK?

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    Address for China Visa

    [QUOTE=penguinsix]I got my visa (with a US passport) the same day. I believe you have to have it "in" here in Hong Kong by 12:00 noon (just did this last week) and picked it up that evening. As an American, I think my passport is not eligible for "on the border" visas due to some tit for tat immigration stuff between the US and China.

    Do you have the exact address in Hong Kong where you got your China visa with US passport (same day). Appreciate your response.

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    The visas for Americans is about $720 HKD and only allows me 2 entries but well worth it if you use your time in China wisely.
    Speaking of Shenzhen, the shops will usually throw out the most ridiculous prices at you, and especially if your a foreigner, they'll try their best to rip you off. Just remember, pay only 10-20% of the price they give you!

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