Christmas Trip - someone wants to join???

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    Christmas Trip - someone wants to join???

    Hi to everyone,

    Today I checked my annual leaves and recognized that I still have many of them.

    So I’m thinking about a big Christmas Trip (I know it’s very early to plan one but flight prices are increasing!).

    I’m planning to leave HK in the middle of December to the beginning of January – so for around 3 to 4 weeks. But my problem is that I’m up to know still alone for my travels.

    So someone wants to join me for an amazing Christmas trip?

    Where to go? Somewhere in Asia in a low-budget way would be great. I’m a really easy open minded traveler.

    If someone wants to join fell free to contact me, every kind of response is great ;-)

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    Christmas trip

    Hi Marcel.
    Have you found anyone to travel with? I am planning a SE Asia trip around christmas time, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand... still in the dreaming stage at the moment. Try Coach Surfers website also.