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    Quote Originally Posted by HK_Katherine:
    My typical email to my travel agent takes me about 10 seconds to draft "Flights to manila on Wednesday out 9am back 8pm". the agent will hold flights until the day before travel meaning that if my plans change, I don't incur a change fee.
    The above is essential for regular business travel and don't most none-street level or travel mall agents offer this service?

    It doesn't look like the OP will be back but it seemed they wanted more than a flight booking service. It would be nice to know what people would like from a travel agent that they can't get either the small offices that offer the service you suggest or the package deal centres that compete on price. Or is it a case of rose tinted glasses hoping the internet would go away and great travel agents that makes lots of commission and could afford the time to help you choose still existed?
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    Two options for you


    Peak Travel

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    Skyscanner tlumps Kayak

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    That industry has changed a lot now. Airlines no longer give travel agents better fares. They only give travel agents better "terms" such as cheaper change of date penalties, cheaper cancellation charges etc... none of which you're going to benefit from if you book a holiday package.

    You might get cheaper hotels through a travel agent, but can now do that too. Short of a firesale at the doorstep on the day, I doubt you'll get a cheaper hotel booking than on, because of the deals they have with the hotels.

    Anyway, if you do want a good travel agent, I use supernettravel, no money saved, but there is convenience.

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