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We've just booked a week in KL (cathay flights 5000 for 2 adults 1 child return) with three days in Krabi (less than 400 HKD each return). The hotels in Krabi are ridiculously cheap. That could be an option. In fact, get to KL and you've got some amazingly cheap getaways - you could go to Terrenganu then a speedboat to Perhentien (best beach and water I've been to in my time in Asia).

I think all over SEA October is meant to be rainy season but we've been away every October since we arrived 5 years ago, and never had rain (damn- there, I've jinxed it).
So you usually fly to KL and then get a connecting flight to Krabi? We've read that the currents can be strong there so it's not a good time for snorkeling. A friend recently went to Terrenganu and recommended it, but again I think she said there was an issue with the currents mucking up the water. We've been to Sipidan so I think we'll never ever see anything more amazing in our lives. (It's ok with us though, we just love looking at what's under the sea!)

But I'm not sure your suggestions are very practical just for a long weekend. It'd be a waste to spend 2 full days getting there and back.

I guess Cebu is another might-work place and it's down to luck with the rain/typhoons. Even if we did get a rained-out holiday, we might not mind if we had somewhere comfortable to lounge around and sit on a nice porch and watch the rain.