Gold Coast to Futian, Shenzhen

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    Gold Coast to Futian, Shenzhen

    Sorry, it's another question about traveling to SZ.

    So I live in Gold Coast, but I visit Shenzhen, Futian area frequently. My normal way to go there is bus K51 to Tuen Mun town centre, then 44 green minibus to Sheng Shui, then take MTR to Lok Ma Chau, cross Futian border, then take either MTR or bus M204 from border. And the same for the way back. This always takes me around 2 hours, and the best record so far is an hour 20 minutes. But mostly 2 hours, that I found quite long. Is there a better way to do this? I know there are busses, seems like going to China from V-city, but not sure how that works, and how frequent the busses are. And normally, since it already takes me 2 hours to go there, I don't want to waste more time to go there and ask around.

    Thanks in advance

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    We're at Gold Coast too if we go with a '5 day' visa to buy at the border we go to Lo Wu.

    Go to bus bus interchange, 263 to Shatin then straight up by MTR. Fastest we've done that is 1h 05min usually 1h 20mins.

    If you've got a longer term visitors visa then it's a bit crazy going either of those routes when the Shenzhen Bay Port crossing is 15 mins away by taxi from where we live!

    Should add the B3 goes from Tuen Mun takes you right up to the Bay Port crossing. Always packed, queues long and quite slow for the distance covered. It's $115 in a taxi.

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    Here's the timetable, stops and fares for the B3 bus

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    Green Mini Bus 44B to Lok Ma Chau, cross border using Yellow Bus then walk to SZ MTR nearby.

    New Territories GMB Route 44B |

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    Taxi to Shenzhen Bay, taxi to Futian.

    B3 is the one you want if you live at GC and you can catch it from Siu Lun...outside that Mouse Island Playground...the one with the big ship, across from Hanford Garden (Sam Shing)...I've never found it to be packed going from Tuen Mun to SZ Bay as long as you catch it from where I said, but we've not used it for a couple of years now...prefer the taxi. We've always taken a taxi back...

    It all becomes a time/value thing for me in the's possible to be in Futian in a little over an hour by taxi and SZ Bay border is usually a breeze...

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